Launching Endangered Species Journalist


The Malayan Tiger – an Endangered Species – photo by Craig Kasnoff

The Endangered Species Journalist journal is about “backstory.”

According to “backstory” is defined as “a narrative providing a history or background context, especially for a character or situation in a literary work, film, or dramatic series.”

Now, I don’t think my writing will ever be described as “literary work,” but there will certainly be video on occasion, and I have no doubt there will be come “drama” from time to time.

But the reason I am describing this journal as “backstory” is more for the idea of “a narrative providing a history or background context.” And to that I would add “current and forward” context as well.

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a Tiger Journal is Produced by Endangered Species Journalist Craig Kasnoff to Promote the Plight of Endangered Tigers

and the Efforts to Save Them.

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