Interview with Sharon Guynup

Sumatran tigers - photo by Craig Kasnoff An Endangered Species Day Interview on Saving Tigers in the Wild: Sharon Guynup has written on topics ranging from climate change, fracking, the discovery of the SARS virus in bats, the physics of melting glaciers, mercury’s impact on wildlife and humans, the safety of nanotechnology,  and the state of the oceans, to the genetic sequencing of the TB … [Read more...]

Tigers in Crisis New Website Launched

The Sumatran Tiger - an Endangered Species - photo by Craig Kasnoff The newly designed - and mobile friendly - Tigers in Crisis website has now launched. Next will be updating all content on the site over the course of 2014. The newly designed - and also mobile friendly - The Tiger Channel and Tigers in Crisis News will also both launch this next week. … [Read more...]

SOS – Save Our Species

Sumatran Tigers -an Endangered Species- photo by Craig Kasnoff In the simplest terms, the issue of endangered tigers is simply about how to save tigers from extinction in the wild, and from Earth. Saving species is the focus of SOS -Save Our Species (SOS). And SOS is funding projects to save tigers from extinction   … [Read more...]

Fred Bagley on Endangered Tigers

Fred Bagley is project officer for the Asiaportions of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Wildlife Without Borders Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund and Great Ape Conservation Fund. In this capacity he works with international, regional, and local organizations on the conservation of the tiger, greater one-horned rhino, Javan rhino, Sumatran rhino, orangutan and gibbon. He has worked for … [Read more...]

Keshav Varma on Endangered Tigers (2)

Keshav Varma is the World Bank's Program Director for the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI), an innovative alliance and partnership platform of governments, international agencies, civil society, and the private sector united to save wild tigers from extinction. Mr. Varma has had a 30-year career as a senior servant and senior World Bank official, focused on complex urban policy issues, … [Read more...]

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